Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time to start training again

Having started working nights there haven't been many trips to the gym lately so I figured it was time to start some bodyweight training so I can get a workout done at home.
Convict conditioning came highly recommended for a beginner and having leafed through it I think I can see why. As usual you have to look past some grandstanding, and this being a bodyweight program he really bashes training with weights. I don't really care for that debate though, what interests me is the program, and CC really lays out a good way to progress through what "coach" call the power 6. 6 movements that supposedly train the whole body

Well I'll start out and then time will tell I guess, in any case doing something is better then doing nothing

The Witcher

Was surfing around a bit and came upon the dev diary for the Witcher 2
which immediately made me want to play through the first one again.
They say there will be a save import also, which means it's time to agonize twice as much over every important decision since now it might effect things I have no clue about yet. I really liked their delayed consequence system on the first playthrough and now it was a while since I played it so hopefully I've forgotten enough for it to still hold some surprises.


I've had it in my mind that I would start meditating for over a year now, it's just very hard to make a habit out of it. Somehow it's much easier dicking around on off-topic forums or playing some games than sitting down and doing nothing for 20 minutes.

I think part of the problem in trying to get things like this going is being overambitious and starting way to strong so this time I'll change tactics. Now everyday I will count 100 breaths and try to be aware in the moment, if I fail I start over again. When the threshold is lower and the time commitment less it's much easier to just do it, and once the habit is entrenched I hope it will be easier to step it up.

8 days and counting so far, wish me luck.

Scott Pilgrim

Just saw the movie and surprise surprise the books were better. 

Overall I liked it and thought they captured the feel of the comic, I just have a hard time understanding why they would focus so much on the fights. Cera doesn't seem like our next big action hero but he is good at playing the lovable loser so why not use the excellent source material and let him do just that.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Demon's souls, still glorious

Reading about Demon's souls servers possibly clsoing down in early 2011 made me pick it again and spend an evening with it. Made a new char and handicapped myself a bit to keep the challenge up. It's quite a different experience with a 2-hander and armor to heavy for dodgerolls.

The mechanics and atmosphere makes it as enjoyable as ever but if there is one game I wish I could play for the first time again it is this. I miss the terror of trying to make it through the tower of latria and the feeling of dread when entering the valley of defilement.

If you somehow have missed this game you really owe it to your self to pick it up.