Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I've had it in my mind that I would start meditating for over a year now, it's just very hard to make a habit out of it. Somehow it's much easier dicking around on off-topic forums or playing some games than sitting down and doing nothing for 20 minutes.

I think part of the problem in trying to get things like this going is being overambitious and starting way to strong so this time I'll change tactics. Now everyday I will count 100 breaths and try to be aware in the moment, if I fail I start over again. When the threshold is lower and the time commitment less it's much easier to just do it, and once the habit is entrenched I hope it will be easier to step it up.

8 days and counting so far, wish me luck.


  1. There are diffrent kinds of meditations, right? Which one u are practicing?

  2. Right now I am trying to get into some awareness meditation, as in